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The Music

Have a great time looking through and listening to all of the great tunes that I’ve released over time!

The Sets

There are a number of sets that I’ve played; live and through livestreams, video and good ol’ audio. Check them all out!

Show dates

Come join the FUN IRL!

Check out the calendar on when I’ll be throwing it down, It’ll be either house, UKG or maybe both! who knows? Come find out!

Come have FUN IRL!

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Check-out livestream events here, where, when and past livestream recordings.

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Come have fun with me at a live event and soak up the experience that comes with it all!

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Record Labels

Render Recordings
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MountainCast Recordings

A Showcase of My Latest Work

Here’s a few of the latest tracks that have been released on a couple of different labels. More to come I’m sure, music is a journey not a destination.


Published Tracks


Omalettie – Tuffin’ It Out

Deep 2-Step

Donald Bump – Creepin’ & Crawlin’ (Omalettie Mix)

NUKG 4×4

Omalettie – Popped (Str8Up Mix)